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There’s Big and Then There Is This….STRIKE A POSE!

“Out for a morning jog on the beach I see”

Some people just don’t know when to put the weights down!

Like to see this guy getting into some skinny Express jeans….I mean seriously, what does he wear on a daily occurance?

Short Shorts?

Jersey Shore eat your heart out!

This guy could be up for DOUCHEBAG of the month!

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Bitch Gets SMACKED In The Face By Ceiling Fan – FUNNY VIDEO!

“Hey FUCKERS”…..yea, I guess this bitch deserved a smack to the head!

Though in all fairness, this proably was a favor for her friends! I mean look at her….WHAT IS SHE WEARING! Hopefully this knocked some sense into the girl!

We hope she has a full recovery! 

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I’d like to see how these “actors” were recruited for this ad! They must of thought it was their big break? Either way, here is a disgusting video on some people sneezing and not covering up!


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