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Santa Academy

I guess this is appropriate for the time of year….Christmas wishes to all of you!

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There’s Big and Then There Is This….STRIKE A POSE!

“Out for a morning jog on the beach I see”

Some people just don’t know when to put the weights down!

Like to see this guy getting into some skinny Express jeans….I mean seriously, what does he wear on a daily occurance?

Short Shorts?

Jersey Shore eat your heart out!

This guy could be up for DOUCHEBAG of the month!

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The Dutch Over…Stay Warm This Christmas Stinkers!

Dutch oven is the cruel, but hilarious act of pulling a cover over someone’s head while in bed and creating flatulence, thereby creating an area of foul-odored air in an enclosed space that must be inhaled by ones sleeping partner. 


If you haven’t done it yet…DO IT! Mind you, get ready to be punched!

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Douchebag Of The Month Competition – Enter Today

Yep, WhoWhatWhyWhen.com are doing it…“DOUCHEBAG Of The Month Competition!”

We know there are millions of DOUCHEBAGS out there, and we want to name and shame each one of them!

Email in your douchebag for the chance to be featured on our site!


Some examples of where you can find a douchebag:

  • Your Friends, Friends

  • Ex boyfriend or girlfriend

  • Your Boss

  • Your Professor

  • Random Douche On Campus

  • Random Douche At Work

Email in your DOUCHEBAG with a photo, explanation for why you submitted them, with the subject: DOUCHEBAG to:


Also as a favor to the winner (on your request), we can also email your douchebag letting them know about their recent DOUCHEBAG win…YAY FOR THEM!

Remember…your identity shall never be revealed!

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

The Who What Why When Team 


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Clerk Attacked By Entire Shelf Of Wine – What A Waste!

What does any normal guy do when he spills an entire shelf of wine bottles on himself…get the tape, show a few friends and have a laugh about it!

Well done sir, you wasted a lot of GOOD alcohol!

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I’d like to see how these “actors” were recruited for this ad! They must of thought it was their big break? Either way, here is a disgusting video on some people sneezing and not covering up!


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