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Beauty Is Nothing Without Brains

Oh you blondes, you will always be go to joke to make us laugh! We all still love you though!

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Bitch Gets SMACKED In The Face By Ceiling Fan – FUNNY VIDEO!

“Hey FUCKERS”…..yea, I guess this bitch deserved a smack to the head!

Though in all fairness, this proably was a favor for her friends! I mean look at her….WHAT IS SHE WEARING! Hopefully this knocked some sense into the girl!

We hope she has a full recovery! 

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SICK – Dubstep Christmas Light Video…owners must be on something?

Someone must of put a lot of time into this, therefore we want to show this!

Amazing light display…ummmm are the house owners on ecstasy or something?



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Nicotine Fiend getting his fix…

A man walked into the Alex’s Mini-Market in Little Havana on Sunday, and after pretending to buy a carton of milk, had the cheek to spray the cashier with an unknown chemical.

As he clutched his face, the psycho hit him in the back of the head six times with what authorities think was a small hammer. The man then stole two packs of cigarettes and peeled off on his mountain bike.

Is the world going crazy or what….over cigarettes??


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