There’s Big and Then There Is This….STRIKE A POSE!

“Out for a morning jog on the beach I see”

Some people just don’t know when to put the weights down!

Like to see this guy getting into some skinny Express jeans….I mean seriously, what does he wear on a daily occurance?

Short Shorts?

Jersey Shore eat your heart out!

This guy could be up for DOUCHEBAG of the month!

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Douchebag Of The Month Competition – Enter Today

Yep, are doing it…“DOUCHEBAG Of The Month Competition!”

We know there are millions of DOUCHEBAGS out there, and we want to name and shame each one of them!

Email in your douchebag for the chance to be featured on our site!

Some examples of where you can find a douchebag:

  • Your Friends, Friends

  • Ex boyfriend or girlfriend

  • Your Boss

  • Your Professor

  • Random Douche On Campus

  • Random Douche At Work

Email in your DOUCHEBAG with a photo, explanation for why you submitted them, with the subject: DOUCHEBAG to:

Also as a favor to the winner (on your request), we can also email your douchebag letting them know about their recent DOUCHEBAG win…YAY FOR THEM!

Remember…your identity shall never be revealed!

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

The Who What Why When Team 


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Nicotine Fiend getting his fix…

A man walked into the Alex’s Mini-Market in Little Havana on Sunday, and after pretending to buy a carton of milk, had the cheek to spray the cashier with an unknown chemical.

As he clutched his face, the psycho hit him in the back of the head six times with what authorities think was a small hammer. The man then stole two packs of cigarettes and peeled off on his mountain bike.

Is the world going crazy or what….over cigarettes??


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The prick that torched a woman in an elevator did it over a debt…

Jerome Isaac, 47, is the man that doused a 73-year-old Delores Gillespie with gasoline and lit her on fire in a Brooklyn elevator. Being carried out out of the 77th Precinct stationhouse in Brooklyn on Sunday, Isaac confessed to the killing claiming that the elderly Gillespie owed him money after work he did in her apartment. In August, Isaac put an invoice on Gillespie’s door demanding more than $2,000 in payment for work he said he’d done for her. Gillespie hired Isaac to help clear clutter in her Prospect Heights apartment but axed him for stealing, cops and relatives said. Isaac was caught on video wearing an exterminator’s mask, gloves and backpack canister, waiting for the elevator to open in Gillespie’s Underhill Ave apartment building as she returned from the grocery store on Saturday afternoon. In the surveillance video it shows Isaac calmly spraying Gillespie head-to-toe in gasoline as the old lady tried to shield her face. Then he used a long barbecue lighter to set her aflame. He tossed in a firebomb and sprayed more gasoline on her as she died screaming. Isaac turned himself in at the NYPD’s Transit District 32 on Carroll St. in Crown Heights about 12:30 a.m.

This is one of the most horrific stories I’ve ever heard!

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Kim Jong-il death: CRAZY just got CRAZIER…

North Korean state media have been reporting pledges of loyalty to new leader Kim Jong-un after the death of his father Kim Jong-il.

So what does this means for the rest of us who live in the normal world….CRAZY just got a little CRAZIER!

Get ready for the next 50 years of this kid trying to prove to the world that his country is actually worth something!

Good luck Kim Jong-il, I look forward to seeing you in Team America 2! 

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Green Bay Packers Still No. 1, for now

The Packers’ upset loss to the Chiefs created something we haven’t seen all year in the Power Poll: dissent. And now Green Bay’s lead over the Saints and Patriots is slimmer than you’d think.

Follow the link below for more on the story:

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